Mar 232018

I have come to teaching later after working elsewhere previously and it was a difficult and scary decision as to whether to make the change. There have been a few moments that have made me very glad I did, but today is the best moment yet.

I moved to my second placement early and took on an interesting class with lots of personalities and problems. They have been really challenging at times and I have not always had the easiest lessons and given them a hard time about deadlines and effort. Today was my last day on my current placement and the students bought me a present and a card with lots of lovely messages. I also received one card from a student who has been struggling with anxiety in my lessons who I have been working closely with to try and help her to overcome it. The message from the student said that I had helped her to overcome one of the most difficult times in her life. It absolutely took my breath away that I could have made that impact with such small gestures. There are not that many jobs that you make that level of difference and I have without a doubt made the right decision.