Mar 262021

I started my Training in September 2020 and will complete in July 2021. Until Christmas I was teaching in the classroom and now as I write this I have been teaching online for a month. Even though we have been under covid restrictions I am very proud of the help I’ve been able to offer my pupils, growing their understanding and enthusiasm for Mathematics. 
You may think that it is harder to make a difference, and being a teacher may be less rewarding when online. I can confirm it is different in terms of delivery however the rewards and sense of achievement are the same. Receiving positive feedback from parents and witnessing the pupils growing confidence in Mathematics as the school year progresses is a humbling experience. It is a proud moment for me when the children are confidently and articulately telling me how to expand a bracket over zoom, when online they are getting equally as involved as they are in the classroom and you can feel the anticipation and buzz of who will get asked the next question. Children still want to learn, they continue to react positively to the challenge they face now and in all areas of life. Helping my pupils in the classroom and remotely to be the best they can be is an achievement I and the WWLCSD organisation can be immensely proud of.