Mar 172017

A few Year 7 food tech lessons in and one of the pupils said to me, ‘Miss, do we pick our options in Year 8 now?’ to which I replied yes. He continued to tell me how much he was enjoying the lessons and was considering taking it as a GSCE. I circled the class passing his table a few moments later. I then over heard him saying to his class mate, ‘….and I can make cups of tea and hot chocolate.’ listing what types of food/drink he could make! Put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Upon completing the bird feeder in the resistant materials with the Year 7 class I explained they would need to contribute £1.50 to the materials if they wanted to take it home. Later that week there was an envelope in the Technology office with ‘Miss Aubrey’ written on it. Heart melted and I kept it! (just to be clear the envelope, not the money!)