Apr 072021

Throughout my time at my first placement, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my year 8 class, particularly due to the level of enthusiasm and engagement they show in each of my lessons! 
After every single lesson I have no doubt that I will finish the lesson on a high and with a smile on my face, not just because I have enjoyed the lesson but because it is clear each pupil is leaving with a smile on their face also! There is no better feeling than the pupils leaving saying, ‘thank you miss, I can’t wait for next week’ or ‘thank you miss, enjoy the rest of your day’. Little comments like these give you the encouragement and confidence to continue as well as the reassurance you need to know you’re making a difference. 
In particular with this class, they give 100% in each activity. From one of my Gymnastics lessons, a few of the pupils were struggling to complete a forward roll. When breaking this particular skill down, each pupil was listening and taking on each piece of information I had given in order for them to be successful next time. When the pupils went away to practice again, not only was each pupil trying their best but they were also helping their peers when it was their turn. Each pupil was giving someone in their group a piece of positive feedback and something they could improve on next time. I took a step back and watched the girls with pride, allowing them to teach and train themselves and their peers. 
Teaching a class which listens, gives their best in all they do and works as a team is not a vocation, but an absolute pleasure !