Programme Outline


All trainees will be allocated to a Home School. Trainees will start the academic year in their home school and spend the majority of the first part of their school-based experience time there.

  • All trainees will then spend time at a second placement in their Away School.
  • Trainees will participate in a KS% and KS2 experience
  • In addition to the directed school-based experience time, all trainees will spend a period of time at the Liverpool Hope University for subject specific pedagogy sessions.
  • Trainees from across the collaborative will meet together on a weekly basis (at one of our partnership schools) for SWD (School Wide Development) Training Sessions.
  • All trainees will also attend +12 Masters Level Teaching days at the Liverpool Hope University for direct tuition towards the PGCE worth 60 master credits.
  • CCRS – all trainees will complete two modules of the Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies during the year.