Jan 292019

WWLCSD offer an invaluable experience to all of our trainees in early January to prepare them as thoroughly as possible for their job applications. All trainees were given an application form to complete over the Christmas holidays, which they submitted prior to the Mock Interview day. The forms were reviewed and amended by members of the Senior Leadership Teams of two of the Partner schools, supporting statements were analysed and at times, re-phrased, and all typing errors were highlighted! At the start of Mock Interview day, feedback on these forms was given to all trainees individually which ensures that for their future applications, they can be secure in the knowledge that their application forms and supporting statements are well written and will impress any shortlisting panel.
Trainees also experienced a mock “Pupil Panel”, answering questions from discerning Year 9 pupils and then receiving feedback from both the pupils and the observer on how they came across in this part of the interview process.
They then had an individual twenty minute interview with a Head Teacher and a Professional Mentor, where they were asked typical questions which are asked at a Newly Qualified Teacher interview and received detailed feedback afterwards about each of their responses.

Responses from the trainees about this process were overwhelmingly positive:

Emma, Chemistry –

“I had a very positive experience on the WWLCSD Mock Interview Day and very much appreciated this invaluable exercise. Having not really had a job interview for many years I was more than rusty!!

After having a sample of questions to prepare for, I thought I had prepared well, and indeed the interviewers did praise me on my confidence and articulate way I answered. Where I went wrong was I just answered the questions asked and stayed within the boundaries of those questions. The Head Teacher and Professional Mentor who were interviewing me were very helpful in explaining that the questions were more an opportunity to talk about specific experiences and give examples of similar circumstances I’ve encountered. After their welcome feedback I could easily see where I had missed opportunities at the mock interview. I will take on their feedback, reflect on the advice they supportively gave to me and ensure I make every opportunity in a real interview to show my interviewers that I not only know the theory of lesson planning, safeguarding and behaviour management but can talk about times I have successfully mastered these to make them see I’m the best candidate.

The fact that so many head teachers and mentors took part in the day was extremely encouraging and supportive to us trainees. Thank you.”

Katie, RE –

“I had a really positive experience today. I found it a really useful exercise and felt like feedback was given in a really supportive environment. I also now have some key things to go away and work on. Thank you so much.”

Zeke, Computing-

“I just wanted to say thanks for today- I will take away the advice gained and will apply it to prospective employers!”

We felt very proud of our trainees on Mock Interview day. They all looked so smart and professional in their “Interview outfits” and the Head Teachers and Professional Mentors enthused afterwards about how impressed they had been with their commitment to the course and to the teaching profession. This all bodes very well as they start now to attend “real” interviews and secure their first teaching posts. We look forward to celebrating many successes in the coming months.