Dec 212018

Since beginning my placement at St Edmund Arrowsmith in September, I have been working with a Y7 class in their science lessons.

The class were one of the first on my timetable that I had observed, and coincidentally were the one which I took over teaching full time, and delivered my first solo (and observed) lesson to. Although daunting, this was a really enjoyable experience, and as a result, the class hold a special place in my journey and heart. Before the half term, we, as a class, completed our first module on Biology and the pupils had to undergo an end of unit test. When marking the test, I was surprised at the smile cropping up on my face when pupils were correctly answering questions on content that I had remembered teaching them. My pupils performed incredibly well, and bursting with pride, I was telling everyone I could just how happy and proud I was.

Wanting to share this pride even further and acknowledge the hard work of my pupils, my mentor advised me (as he often does) on a route of possible action to take. This resulted in my being able to send post cards to the parents of pupils who had performed above and beyond! Although this was a rewarding experience in itself, it was made even more special when I received an email from a member of the class and her mum thanking me (complete with a photo of the card on their dining table), and when in the next lesson, pupils were so grateful for their cards, thanking me with big smiles on their faces. It was such a positive teaching experience that to me sums up the ethos of WWLCSD (and Catholic schools as a whole) in sharing in joy and outstanding results, whilst ensuring pupils are reminded of their abilities and hard work as individuals.


I have since taken on more classes full time, and could not be more thankful for the support I receive from not only the WWLCSD team, my mentor and my fellow students, but also from the other teaching staff in the school. It truly is like being part of a community, and I am so happy that I chose WWLCSD, as I feel that this may have been missing for me in a more University led approach.