Jan 262018

I have been running a dance workshop on Thursday after school for Key Stage 3. Turn out has been mixed, starting with 20 but ending up with a solid 9 dancers. Our work was made public during our Christmas carol performance for parents staff and governors. The girls were excellent, considering we had only 3 hours to prepare, they presented a well-rehearsed and skilled dance. The school does not currently hold any dance classes and the head of Drama commented that there had been no dance showcased at the school for about ten years!

There were so many positive comments and the dancers were thrilled with their efforts. I also had a reading sprung on me and I performed that to the audience of about 300.

It was a spectacular evening of music dance drama and hymns. Most of which I had some involvement in. It really got me into the festive spirit and made me feel one hundred percent part of a lovely caring committed team, finalising my first placement as a fantastic experience.