Feb 162018

A highlight of mine (although it could have been a potential nightmare) was performing a Respiratory System adaptation to Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Shape of You’ to a Y10 GCSE PE Theory class I hadn’t yet met. I was aware that it would be a risk delivering the content in such a way, as I was unsure of how the pupils would respond. Thankfully, the song ended with a round of applause and an enthused group of Y10 girls raring to learn the ‘Pathway of Air’ song! The girls were shocked to find out that the lyrics that they had enjoyed learning off by heart during the lesson were in fact the word for word answers provided in the mark scheme, and were thrilled to achieve high marks in the exam questions at the end of the lesson.

It filled me with pleasure to have pupils thank me and to hear pupils boasting about “Miss Morley, their new PE teacher”. The following day a teacher approached me to congratulate me as several of the Y10 girls had been speaking very fondly of me whilst she was on duty. It was lovely to see that the effort and enthusiasm I put into my lessons was recognised and appreciated by the pupils.