Feb 022018

I was meant to be taking a year out after university before starting a teaching course however I applied to WWLCSD quite late on and I have never looked back on that decision.

I thought I wasn’t ready to be a teacher but in my first placement I felt confident enough to teach my first full lesson by the third week of the course, due to the support from my mentor. One of my favourite moments in the classroom was when I had organised peer assessment with a year 9 class using a speed dating layout to make it more socially engaging. At first the pupils were embarrassed about the idea of ‘speed dating’ but once they got into the routine, it was so nice to hear them giving each other such meaningful feedback about their work. I was walking around the room with a huge smile on my face for the rest of the lesson. Both my placements at WWLCSD have been really rewarding and I have learnt so much in two very different teaching environments. Having other trainees at placements means that we can help each other and it has been a key part of my experience. It is hard work but well worth it!