Oct 012018

One week into my teacher training year and I want to already thank WWLCSD for a great start to the course. When I was interviewed in December last year I was asked the question “Have you ever embarked on a PGCE course previously?” I replied honestly (as it’s best not to be untruthful in an interview!!) that I had and that a few weeks into my first placement I had some rough circumstances at home and failed to ‘keep all the balls in the air’ and ended up dropping out.

During the introduction and start of this course I have thought about that time (I often regret having dropped out thinking I could be a teacher by now – although even with hindsight the circumstances at that time for me were pretty difficult and I still feel I did the right thing at that time). Anyway I think about that course compared to this one and can honestly say that WWLCSD is excellent in comparison! I feel like I know what I’m supposed to be doing, I know what’s expected, I feel completely supported, basically I’ve been given all the tools to give me every chance to become a great teacher. Even though we’re only a week in, I don’t feel ‘bogged down’ or stressed or worried about anything. I know there will be challenges. I fully expect it to get more intense as time goes on – but I feel that it’s very ‘do-able’ and the support will continue throughout. Thank you.