Dec 142018

So my day started with a traffic jam on the M6 getting to college. Unfortunate because I’d volunteered for the “thought for the week” in staff briefing at St John Rigby this morning. Anyway I got there just in time to set up my power point and collect my thoughts. When I volunteered it seemed like a good idea! Something to evidence! Nerves kicked in just prior to my delivery but it went really well and I received positive comments from colleagues throughout the day. Then I had an observed lesson, Period 2!! I discovered about 15 minutes before the lesson I’d meticulously planned that some of the material had already been mastered by the class so I frantically set about finding more challenging tasks for them to do and changing my questions planned to accommodate this new information!! I had no confidence as I started the lesson but luckily the pupils (who can be a bit unpredictable) performed brilliantly. The extra resources quickly put together in the last moments did the trick and I scored a 2a from my Professional Mentor!!!
Then we went to St Mary’s for our School Wide Development on Technology – just as I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I learned how to colour code cells to indicate whether pupils were above or below their target grades in Excel!!!