Feb 232018

The best part of training with Catholic School Direct is that you feel part of the school community from day one. Trainees have a great support network around them, with a specialist subject mentor working closely with you to ensure that the sometimes daunting prospect of training is made as manageable as possible. In fact, staff in both of the schools I have trained in- St.Mary’s and St.John Fisher- have been very supportive and provided me with fantastic advice, significantly helping my development as a trainee teacher.

This support has been particularly welcome when I have been asked to teach topics I have been quite unfamiliar with. As a history trainee, I was worried about delivering the American West GCSE syllabus to my classes, simply because I had not come across that area myself before. Thanks to the support from my mentor and others, plus researching into the topic, I became more confident about it and I was able to plan and deliver one of my best lessons so far- the pupils really seemed to engage with it and I really enjoyed teaching it too!