Mar 122021

Since September I have been teaching Art and Design to a Y8 class and have found it at times challenging. I had particular difficulties with one student who tended to demonstrate disruptive behaviour and consequently did not engage in the classroom. I tried many different behavioural management strategies but nothing seemed to work until recently. During lockdown, I had the opportunity to work more closely with this student and build on our relationship. This had an enormous impact on how this student now engages in the classroom and I am proud of her improvement and development in the subject.

Mar 102021

I believe my main success has been creating a real sense of resilience from training to teach in this tough period. Not only am I extremely confident presenting in front of a classroom ; but I have also acquired new skills- such as teaching remotely. It all builds resilience , confidence and reassurance that we will become excellent practitioners. The journey is not straight forward, but I am proud that we all continue to improve, reflect and inspire our pupils regardless of the circumstances.

Mar 052021

Since starting my first placement with Wigan and West Lancashire Catholic School Direct I believe I have firmly solidified my position within my department. I now work along-side other members of my department as we strive to achieve excellence during all of our practices. One particular moment I am extremely proud of was the quality of a set of homework which I received back from one of my classes, this truly reflected the high standards and expectations of which I set for not only my leaners, but also of myself.

Mar 032021

I feel proud in relation to how resilient I have become despite the obvious adversity we have encountered. I have many, many lessons that I have, upon reflection, felt were delivered to the best of my ability. I am genuinely proud of how much progress I have made in such a short period of time and I am eagerly anticipating the second half of my initial teacher training year.

Feb 262021

 I am most proud of a photography lesson on image distortion I did before Christmas. I also did a remote art lesson this week and received really good feedback for both.

These are some of the lessons which I think students enjoyed the most as they were really engaged in the tasks and created some really interesting outcomes.

Feb 242021

I have been able to build good, strong relationships with my pupils. They now greet me by my name and say hello in the corridor. I also taught my first ever online lesson where all pupils were at home – something I was very nervous for but have quickly overcome!

Feb 192021

I’m really pleased with how this first half of the year has gone. Don’t get me wrong it’s been tough, and I’ve had to be resilient, what with all the changes and turmoil thrown up by Covid.

Yet I have to say I have learned so much. I’ve really loved getting to grips with the online learning, planning and delivering my lessons via MS Teams. It’s been great to discover ways to engage with the pupils through websites like Kahoot, and Edpuzzle.

Feb 172021

I have had many great things happen during my time working in school and feel I have had chance to really spread my wings. I have had an impact on students learning. This had been particularly true with a year 7 boy who has said that drama is now the reason he loves school. This meant so much to me and he has excelled at the subject.

Feb 122021

From the start of September, I believe I have developed massively as a teacher, the process has helped to grow my confidence and belief that I will be a good teacher. I have loved every part about being in school from day 1 and feel so lucky to be welcomed by everyone and made to feel like part of the team. With each lesson I teach I feel that I am becoming better and more effective in my teaching style and this process has given me the confidence to continue to do that for the rest of my career.

Feb 102021

My year 9 class came to the end of their first GCSE unit and I designed a fun revision session for them prior to their end of unit test. It was full of competition, pair work and quizzes and they absolutely loved it! It felt like a real turning point in my relationship with the class and helped demonstrate which fun activities worked and got them engaged.