Mar 022018

WWLCSD is a fantastic teacher training course that offers a large amount of support through the subject tutors and mentors. I feel that throughout my journey with WWLCSD I have already gained a huge amount of confidence and absolutely love my time spent in school with the pupils. Being on placement in schools most of the time means that you are able to create a strong rapport with students from the very beginning of the academic year.

A highlight of my training so far has been taking part in the dance show ‘Winter Wonderland’. I was responsible for y9 and y11 dance which took place during lunch times and after school. This was an exciting prospect for me as I was able to develop my teaching skills in a very creative and practical way. It also meant that I could develop relationships with students that I did not necessarily teach, outside of the RE classroom.

‘Winter Wonderland’ consisted of 3 shows on the same night, and the buzz both backstage and on stage was contagious. The best bit for me was seeing the difference in the girls’ confidence and performance from the first to the last show. Those who seemed at first to be shy really came out of their shells and they all absolutely smashed their dances. I was so proud of them and felt like I had really achieved something that contributed to the wider aspect of school life.