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Recruitment for 2021 will open on 13th October via UCAS

We welcome applications as soon as they are ready to submit via UCAS.

We have training places for September 2021 in the following subjects;

 English  2QQF  Music  2V39
 Art and Design  2QS6  Chemistry  2QRT
Modern Foreign Languages
French with Spanish
 33VM  Modern Foreign Languages
Spanish with French
Modern Foreign Languages
37NR Modern Foreign Languages
 Religious Education  2QQR  Biology  2QRW
  Computing   2QRQ  Physics  2QQS
 Physical Education  2QQW  Drama  2QQQ
 Mathematics  2QR6 Geography  2QR9
 History  2QR8  Business 2QSB
 Modern Foreign Languages French with Spanish  33VM  French  37NR

If you are interested in PE, I would advise you to apply as quickly as possible as places will be limited.

It is a government requirement that you have a GCSE grade C or equivalent in Maths and English.

You must also apply for a DBS certificate and complete a Fitness to Teach medical questionnaire if successful in gaining a place.  These must be completed and applied for before the course begins.

For more information call us on : 01942 766906 or contact us online