Oct 262018
I have had a great experience so far with WWLCSD. I applied relatively late in the academic year, in June, unlike most of my peers who applied earlier.  WWLCSD called me for an interview and showed great understanding in accommodating my need to wait to attend the interview until myself and my family had arrived in our new home in England.  I was delighted to successfully gain a place on their course. Since I have not come through the English education system myself as a child, it was not as easy for me to understand the whole aspects of PGCE and School Direct programme as others, but after two days of Induction everything became much clearer.
WWLCSD are very successful in guiding and supporting their trainees during their one year journey in placement schools, university study, professional experience, and even in their personal life. They have been really supportive to some of my colleagues on the course who have found it a little difficult to adjust to the workload, and they have helped them to stay strong and stay with the programme so that they can fulfil their ambition to qualify as a teacher next summer. Thank you WWLCSD.